A consultant pathologist has told talk RADIO that the Prime Minister and Chris Whitty need to “start questioning whether they are wrong” over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Mike Graham, Dr Clare Craig said the NHS will not be overwhelmed by January, saying “we are not in a pandemic.”

We must question the data that they are using. When you do look at the data it does not add up. Looking superficially, it looks like we are in a pandemic but looking at the data regionally it does not add up to that at all!

People are not buying it anymore; they are less than likely to believe what the SAGE scientists are coming out with. The government has tried to shut down dissent in line with their plans for a pandemic, halting questions and dissent from their position.

“Part of pandemic planning is shutting down dissenting voices”. Dr. Claire Craig.

The government have not been listening from other scientists telling them what they have got wrong! Are we entitled to ask what the government is doing with polices that effect our lives? I think that what we have seen throughout this pandemic is fear and people being scared. The disease has passed and at least 50% of the population have immunity.

Before Covid 19 arrived at least 50% of the population were already immune due to exposure to other coronavirus that we have had for a long time. The government has not understood the evidence about immunity and we no longer need to be scared.

The PCR test is not telling us an accurate picture of what is really going on and who is infected and infectious.

The NHS will not be overwhelmed between now and January. We are not in an epidemic, this is a pseudo-epidemic based on a test that is not accurate and not telling us who has been infected and who is infectious!

Lockdowns do not work!

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